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At EWS, we believe you’re worthy. Worthy of a positive environment where you can grow. Worthy of pursuing your dreams. And worthy of taking ownership over your artistic life.

You don’t have to do it alone. And you shouldn’t. (Everything creative is better in collaboration!) Together, we’re going to reveal your best work and you’re going to feel great about it.

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Let’s find a vocal focus. We’ll work to tackle your voice obstacles, make your strengths even stronger, or refine your technique so you can walk into the audition room or onto the stage with more confidence than ever.

Yes, you have something that is unique to you. We’ll identify your special quality, and then find the material that will help it shine through.

Truth bomb: showbusiness ain’t easy. It’s normal to have questions and experience challenges. We’ll discuss tactics to help you walk through the highs and lows of pursuing a career in the performing arts.

imagine you can accomplish all of this.

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voice lessons

what to expect

Vocal technique is essential to a long and healthy career as a performer. EWS focuses on balancing your mix voice. When you master your mix, you’ll gain vocal versatility and be equipped to sing a song repeatedly while feeling good about the sound and your instrument’s health.

Your first voice lesson will be discovery and assessment-based. together, we will assess where we need to address the voice first and make a plan with you going forward.

voice & acting coaching

what to expect

This is where we take your technique and make a performance of it! You’ll work on telling the story of your song or scene and getting comfortable in the world of the material so you can consistenantly deliver a truthful performance. Erin offers adjustments and asks questions that help you uncover your unique interpretation of the material.

Have your material ready that you would like to work on and please send a copy to Erin prior to your appointment.

audition technique

what to expect

Let’s tackle the internal and external challenges you encounter from walking into the audition room and doing the thing. You’ll work on managing nerves and interpreting adjustments given by the folks behind the table. You’ll also gain confidence in your audition book, instead of attempting to fit into a mold of what casting may be “looking for.”

Your first voice lesson will be discovery and assessment-based. together, we will assess where we need to address the voice first and make a plan with you going forward.

office hours

15 minutes to get your important questions answered! Looking for insight on what to sing for an audition? Wondering how to make a cut work? Need a pep talk before a final callback? Seeking agent advice? Itching for guidance from a pro who’s seen it all? Just breathe. Erin has your back. Use office hours sessions to best serve your needs and questions. 




students are raving
 About working with ews

"Getting the opportunity to work with Erin is truly a gift!

Whenever I get an audition, she is the first person I contact for a coaching. Whether sides, music, or monologues, she has an innate ability to get one connected with the material and make it feel like home. I always love coaching with her because she helps me discover things in the material that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, and she makes it relatable and comfortable. Plus, she is just a wonderful human and incredible talent herself. I highly recommend Erin for any of your coaching needs!”

courtney  |  Broadway - Wicked, Something's Rotten

"I have had many teachers but the one that stands out is Erin Wilson.

Besides being my acting coach, I consider her a good friend. Erin talks with me about my aspirations to make it to Broadway and what it will take to get there. She is always encouraging and pushes me to improve, gets me out of my comfort zone, and reminds me to stay true to who I am. Erin makes me want to give it my all, dream big, plan for my future and helps me navigate the Broadway world from someone who has already experienced it. She believes in me. And that has made all the difference."

megan g  |  college prep student & broadway bound

"Erin was able to quickly alleviate a lot of stress... providing a clear, concise order in which to approach picking new music. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist and I want everything to be just right, which can make the rep choosing process very daunting for me.I left the coaching not only with the tools I needed to scour through loads of music but with a new excitement to find music that works best for me as a performer! ”

aspen j  |  current student

"Because of Erin, I finally feel like I’m finding my place as a vocalist.

For years, I found my voice mediocre. I no longer want to be like or sound like anyone else. I don’t have the words to express how much Erin has contributed to clearing the fogginess that was believing I could be the singer, performer, actress that I have for a long time dreamed of becoming."

current student

“Erin is an amazing vocal/acting instructor and choreographer. 

Her years of experience in the highest level of performing is seen in her fantastic directing. She is creative, kind, optimistic, and very, very talented.”

megan r.  |  performing arts school director

“My kids are already telling me how wonderful the MasterClass was!

They would have kept asking questions for hours. Thank you so much for giving a little light and incredible insight to them!”

kieri c  |  performing arts director

frequently asked q's

You can cancel your lesson and receive a full refund up to 48 hours before your scheduled session time. If you become sick after the 48-hour grace period, please reach out and we can adjust the type of lesson we conduct (We can always work on choosing rep, coaching, business questions, etc.).

If Erin books work or has an emergency she will always offer the soonest available time for a makeup lesson with a 10% discount for any inconvenience.

Lesson payment is made at the time of booking. If you cancel 48 hours before your scheduled lesson you will receive a full refund.

If you would like help choosing new material or rep for your audition book please book a coaching or office hours session! Erin wishes she had enough time in the day to send ideas, but unfortunately there are only so many hours!

Please email with any quick questions. We will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also book a 15-minute Office Hours session if your question requires a little more time and attention. Please do not reach out via social media, as it will likely get lost in the shuffle. 

Erin is accepting new students ages 13 through adult.

EWS is here to help you grow.

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